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With Truckwise Fleet Group.

We have teamed up with an established trucking business in Birmingham, Alabama, that has been specializing in flat bed freight for the past 11 years and has a fleet of over 60+ semi trucks. This business brings in some of the top dollar per mile loads in the trucking business. They have dedicated lanes and contracts and are in a great place to scale. They need to grow their fleet to be able to take on new dedicated accounts.

Smart Investments for Maximum Growth

With Truckwise Fleet Group.

Since the trucks are confined to a 300-600 mile radius thanks to the dedicated lanes, they endure less truck wear and tear, consume less fuel, and their drivers are content to spend their weekends at home. This is an ideal trucking partner!

Get Started Quickly & Easily

With Truckwise Fleet Group.

With the option to use their existing equipment , we are able to get trucks up and running within 15-45 days depending on the option you choose!

Partnership Benefits

With Truckwise Fleet Group.

➤ Rapid Profit Generation:

By partnering with an existing trucking company with dedicated contracts, trucks are quickly put on the road, generating income quickly.

➤ Efficient Operations:

Existing fleet means trucks on the road fast! Dedicated lanes and contract loads are within a 600 mile radius which means less wear and tear on the trucks and less fuel used.

➤ Competitive Rates and Fuel Discounts:

Low truck insurance rates average $1,000 a month Fuel discounts between $.80-$1+ per gallon. Driver retention, dedicated lanes means drivers home at night and on weekends

➤ Fast Truck Deployment and Onboarding:

By utilizing existing equipment, trucks get up and running within 15-45 days, depending on the chosen option. We take care of securing the truck and insurance, registering with the DOT, obtaining licenses, and onboarding the truck and driver to their logistics.

➤ Dedicated Contracts and High-Paying Lanes:

Every truck's earnings are maximized by offering dedicated lanes and contracts. These carefully selected contracts ensure consistent, high-dollar-per-mile loads, boosting your profitability and providing a stable revenue stream.

How Does It Work?

With Truckwise Fleet Group.

  • We secure the truck and insurance for you

  • We register the truck with the DOT

  • We get all the trucks licenses

  • We onboard the truck and driver to our logistics

  • We handle all the loads and logistics

  • We put the truck to work for you

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With Truckwise Fleet Group.

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